Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

A good journey is the journey that has been in rude or in stacks well. at the time of starting the journey, the journey that will run will go smoothly, according to what we want. if we travel or how we presume we are well set up with all that going on the trip will run mess. because we do not know what events we will do when our journey began and where the only place where we are going. so that we melancang to arrange events or whatever will we do at the time of travel, and where it places where we are going.

Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

that the dream journey dream every person is traveling to a destination where people who were wanted, and the trip went there a memory that can not be forgotten because the memories it gives a beautiful impression during the men's journey dream dreams. Such trips are rarely in get, not necessarily a trip like that can get everybody. What if at the time of the desired trip to meet a person who he longingly desire, and that person can be a companion of our lives. then a trip like that will not be forgotten because of the way that we want to see our life companion.Such travel may be in the hereditary tell. maybe for some people a trip just ordinary things, but the difference is for some people the journey he would do to correct the calculated correctly and in consideration, because he did not want to travel the long run poorly, maybe people are afraid to be disappointed for all travel what he did.